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UTAH Concealed Firearm Permit Course


New Class Dates:

Sunday, September 10th, 2017



In order to apply for a Utah CCW Permit (Concealed Carry Weapons), the State of Utah requires that all applicants receive the mandated training, provided by a Utah State Certified Instructor.


The Utah CCW Permit is very desirable due to it’s being honored in approx. 60% of the U.S.


NOTE: It is strongly advised that before registering for this course all applicants access the Utah State BCI website and insure that your criminal history does not disqualify you from applying.



The topics covered in this training are quite comprehensive.

The process of applying for and obtaining a Utah CCW Permit.

Firearm safety.

Proper handling, storage, transportation and maintenance of a firearm.

Ammunition types and uses.

Responsibilities of owning and carrying a firearm.

Threat assessment and situation de-escalation.

Types of holsters and proper concealment clothing.

Federal Firearms laws.

Utah State firearms laws.

Reciprocity and Recognition of Non-Resident CCWs.


All materials necessary for the day will be provided. This will include: Your application (Application fee of $49.00 not included), Fingerprint services, snacks, bottled water and coffee, pens and note paper.



A state issued photo I.D. and any personal items or medications that you may require during a 6-7 hour period.


If you choose to bring a Passport photo (easily obtained from CVS or Walgreens etc) and a legible copy of your driver’s license (full sheet of paper, not trimmed), we can assist you in completing your application package before you leave.



No live fire is necessary for this course. You will NOT need to bring a firearm. You may bring a firearm to the class if you wish to have the instructor assist you in familiarization of that firearm or intend on using the range facilities outside of the class. If you do, you must also bring your owner's manual and understand that ANY firearms or ammunition brought to this training must be surrendered to the Instructor for the duration of the class. They will be returned to you at the end.



A stamped permit application, certifying that you have received the required training. Your fingerprint services, a complete copy of the required training curriculum for reference, a pre-addressed envelope for your application.


And most importantly of all, a wealth of information regarding the responsibility and decision to carry a concealed weapon. We will open your eyes and mind to a whole new world!


NOTE: We suggest any person that desires a CCW permit visit the website of the various states and research the current reciprocity rules to determine which option is best for you.


All state and federal laws must be obeyed if obtaining a CCW permit. At this time NJ generally does not recognize CCW permits from other states. Completion of any class does not guarantee the issuance of a permit be any state. Final determination to issue a permit is the prerogative of the issuing authority.



This course is typically at least 6 hours, but may run overtime. Please plan accordingly.

You may bring a light meal for the break. A refridgerator and microwave is available.


Please note: GSSC reserves the right to substitute other qualified instructors without notice.

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Utah CCW Course


Sunday 9:00 AM

September 10, 2017

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