Important: All firearms must be unloaded and secured in a case or box when entering the building.

Our 25 yard indoor range features 12 lanes with automatic target retrieval. Handguns, rifles and shotguns are permitted.

All handgun calibers are permitted. Rifle calibers up to 300 Win Mag are permitted at 25 yards only. Shotguns are permitted with slugs or buckshot only. Birdshot is prohibited in all firearms. Shotguns must be shouldered.


The range and store at GSSC are open 7 days a week.

Monday to Friday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM to 8:00PM

Range may be unavailable during scheduled special events.

All lane assignments are on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations are not accepted.

Note: Members are given priority during busy periods and may be assigned lanes ahead of non-members.

Range Rates

Members enjoy unlimited range sessions at no additional cost. Please visit the membership page for details.

Walk-Ons are always welcome. NJ Firearms ID cards are not required. See additional info below.
Lane rental is $20.00 for the first person and $10.00 for each additional person sharing the lane. Maximum of 4 people per lane.
Rates are per hour. We will gladly extend your session as a courtesy if time permits.

Dress Code

Proper dress is required on the range for the safety of all shooters and GSSC personnel. Empty cases are ejected from the guns and are very hot.

Please dress appropriately - this applies to both men and women!

  • No low cut or V-neck shirts.
  • No sleeveless shirts.
  • No sandals or open toes shoes.


Identification / Age Restrictions

All shooters 18 and over must present a valid government issued photo ID. A firearms ID is not required to shoot or rent a gun.

While there is no legal minimum age, GSSC suggests young shooters begin around 10 years old. We believe parents are the best judge of a child's readiness for the sport.

For rentals, a person must be at least 18 years of age to rent a rifle or shotgun. You must be 21 or over to rent a handgun.

Under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Garden State Shooting Center features almost 100 handguns, rifles and shotguns from the most popular manufacturers for rental at the range.

A NJ Firearms ID is not required for range use or rentals. Each person must certify that they have no restrictions from lawfully possessing a firearm.

Standard Rental Rates:
Non-members: $20.00 per firearm plus ammunition.
Members: $10.00 per firearm plus ammunition.
Select premium rentals may be available at an additional cost.

Ammo for rental guns must be purchased from Garden State Shooting Center. Prices start at $12.95 per pack of 50 rounds.

NOTE: Rentals are only available to parties of 2 or more shooters.


Garden State Shooting Center permits the use of most conventional ammunition for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Prohibited ammo includes:

  • Armor piercing
  • Tracer rounds
  • Aluminum cases
  • Steel core projectiles (such as "Green Tip" 5.56)
  • Bird-shot in any firearm. Shotgun slugs or buckshot (0, 00, 000) only.
  • Any other ammo deemed unsafe by GSSC personnel

Ammunition for GSSC rental guns must be purchased from Garden State Shooting Center.

Customers are welcome to supply their own ammo for personally owned firearms provided it is not included in the prohibited list above.

Additional Info & Rules:

Garden State Shooting Center (GSSC) takes pride in providing a safe and family friendly shooting environment.

Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to a person being required to leave the premises of GSSC. There will be no refunds for persons expelled from GSSC for safety violations. Severe violations may result in a person being prohibited from entering upon GSSC property in the future.

Any person believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted to shoot.  

Any person desiring to rent a firearm must legally be permitted to possess a firearm in the state of NJ. Each person must certify this on each visit to GSSC when renting a firearm. A NJ Firearms ID is not required, but a person must not be prohibited due to criminal, mental or any other reason.

Each person must sign a voluntary waiver and hold harmless agreement during their first visit to GSSC and that waiver shall remain in force for any/all subsequent visits. Updated waivers may be required during subsequent visits.

Each shooter must read, accept and abide by GSSC Range Rules. Violation of range rules may result in termination of the shooting session.

A photo copy or digital copy of each persons driver's license or other ID may be maintained by GSSC for any period of time as GSSC deems appropriate.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. A temporary guardian must certify they have explicit permission from the minor's parent for the minor to participate in the shooting activity.

The range at GSSC is wheelchair accessible. Please inform our staff if you have any special needs or requests.

All coupons, gift cards and specials may be subject to NJ sales tax.

For safety, any person entering GSSC property must not prevent facial recognition. This includes, but is not limited to, hoodie shirts blocking or covering the face, scarfs, masks or any other garment obscuring facial recognition.

For safety, any person desiring to use the range at GSSC MUST be able to Speak and Understand the English Language. Communication is vital between our Staff and the customers. You MUST also be able to Read and Understand English to complete our waiver and firearms possession forms. We cannot legally transfer a firearm to a person that we cannot verify is legally able to possess a firearm.

Garden State Shooting Center reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons for any reason we believe may jeopardize safety or possibly violate legal requirements.